Louis Lecoin
Louis Lecoin
Louis Lecoin
Louis Lecoin

Louis Lecoin

One morning, I awoke to find my two neighbours dead by my side. The day before, sleeping in the same straw, we had spoken a little – to reassure ourselves and each other.

Extract from his autobiography, De Prison En Prison (1947)


  • 15 October 1912, Lecoin is arrested for printing a poster inciting desertion and speaking out against conscription.
  • December 1912 he is sentenced to 5 years in prison.
  • November 1916, Lecoin is released from prison and does not obey his mobilization order.
  • December 1916, Lecoin prints a handbill entitled ‘Let’s impose peace!’, is immediately arrested and sentenced to a year in prison.
  • 12 September 1917 Lecoin is released – he, again, refuses to report to his army unit.
  • December 1917 he is put in Cherche-Midi prison for refusing to answer the call to arms; Lecoin is sent to Poissy, then to Fort of Bicêtre, where he goes on hunger strike.
  • Summer 1918 Lecoin is sent to the Monge military work camp.
  • March 1919 he is transferred to Albertville penitentiary.
  • November 1920 he is freed, concluding his eighth year in prison.


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